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PHONENIX 2 – “it”s a bit like a little black dress.”

Each layout element builds on the subsequent in this elegant homage to nyîs deco era. Phonenix2® designer andrew winch tells me after our tour around the yacht, ìitîs a bit like a touch black dress.î i pause. It takes a second to reconcile that winch is talking approximately the identical top notch ninety metre lurssen we have simply left, with its vibrant indoors and its four-metre silver phoenix figurehead pointing purposefully from the bow. ìthereîs not anything too fussy,îhe explains, sensing my puzzlement, ìsimply elegance.î

reflecting at the sensual and emotive attack i've simply skilled, i'm willing to agree. Phoenix2 is a turnkey mission, the largest that the renowned andrew winch designs studio has undertaken in phrases of conceiving both the exterior and interior design to the extent of detail so that nearly everything ódown to door handles and cutlery ó is custom. However, notwithstanding her wealth of rich colors and details, there definitely is something understated approximately phoenix2. Describing her indoors is a project ó no longer a lot in list the substances and craftsmanship hired in her realization, but in conveying that sense of understated elegance. If i have been to say, as an example, that her primary deck saloon and dining location takes you from an aft seating region themed in gold, past an area that feels lifted straight from a parisian nightclub housing the custom-constructed steinway, to a jet black and gold dining vicinity unnoticed with the aid of a massive comfort of swirling gold musicians, you would possibly query word ìunderstatedî. Yet in truth the combination of metallic and glass, of black and white, of deep reds and golds, and of excessive art and flights of fancy, is attractive. You need to experience eveiy texture, sink into each chair and caress eveiy exquisitely home made piece of fixtures. The project had its genesis in 2004, now not long after the release of the 61 metre phoenix. ìi met the owners once they have been considering buying the primary phoenix,î says winch. ìwe had designed her for the unique owner. Six months after she had released, and with the help of rob moran of moran yacht and deliver, she had new owners who decided to keep the name, but refit the indoors. Within a yr they had been speakme approximately building phoenix2, which commenced out at 82 metres however progressively grew to her present day length of ninety metres.î