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Walking through Kaiser’s rooms

Walking thru kaiserís rooms, starting with the primary saloon, one is immediately welcomed into a environment of softness and heat, without losing a certain great experience of reservedness.

The large sofa configuration is one of the major saloonís wonderful features, accomplished in the sort of way at the proprietorís request to hospitably and comfortably accommodate a near circle of family and pals onboard. The amply gift and luxuriously full-size furnishings positioned in the major saloon, in addition to the carpeting, are done in a pallette of saturated colours that's fantastically balanced and an indispensable element of the vesselís indoors layout. Positioned towards a backdrop of indigenous west african ovangkol hardwood panelling and centered round a easily formed and invitingly stable coffee desk designed in the vesselís signature visual idiom, an interior is created this is robust but easy and smooth, solid and really inviting. The ahead end of the primary saloon homes the interior dining area, readily seating a set of twelve, set in a sturdy circular subject. Continuing the indoors style as visible in the foremost saloon vicinity, one reports a variety of different luxurious materials, textures and patterns, all of which give kaiserís indoors her specific characteristics of regality and private appeal, giving her a selected and first rate yet highly familiar and inviting surroundings.